Suess's Alaskan Adventure

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Alaska impressions

SHE and I went for our usual walk today...three miles give or take. When we got back (did I mention it's rather hot in Connecticut right now...I hear that I will be much happier in Alaska as I'm not a hot-weather dog) SHE stopped to talk to the neighbor for a bit...meanwhile I was dying of heat and thirst and my butt was a bit sore as we had just been to the vet..but who asks the dog his opinion. Anyway, the neighbor said, "I heard you are moving to Alaska! I heard it's always dark is that true?" Now, again no one asks the dog his opinion, or explains things it true? I need to know, if it is true I might need to plan my escape sooner rather than later, Alaska might not be the place for me afterall!

Monday, May 29, 2006

My new abode?

SHE was away for a week....I was left with HE, all by ourselves. We gloried in it for a day or two but then it got a bit lonely, and depressing especially when HE forgot to feed me one night! I was forced to hunt for myself. I investigated one of these grey things that runs up trees and eludes close examination. Suddenly I had one of those things under my paws!!!!! what to do next! As HE always talks about rigorous science I had a little peek at the grey thing. Although it was rather still a second ago, the moment I lifted my paw it turned into grey lightening. It was heading to a tree to turn again into a grey thing that runs up trees and eludes close examination but not so fast. Because as HE and HER always talk about mighty hunting dog, I put it under my paws again! By that point HE woke up (was out late last night dining with some women, instead of playing with me!!!!). HE, who is always so tough, in contrast to HER from whom all good things come, made me lay down and the little grey thing ran up a tree. HE, who is always so tough, better not talk to me about rigorous science and exploration anymore!
Anyway...SHE showed us this picture when SHE came back...I'm thinking its a rather nice place, plenty of room to stretch if this is my new place!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

SHE's a knitter

SHE has finally gotten going on some of her knitting projects again, disappearing to that Stitcher and Bitcher thing. SHE seemed so pleased. Once Alaska cleared her brain a bit SHE figured out the problem on the sweater sleeve (tear your eyes away from me and its the green thing on the floor). SHE apparently has these too short arms and the pattern as written would have had sleeves hanging down to her knees...SHE didn't ask me but I think that could have been a good idea...more to play with:-) The green thing on the couch smells wonderful and tickles the nose just right. The pink and blue thing started out much bigger but then suddenly, crazily SHE washed and washed it and now its much smaller (why SHE wasted so much time making it big just to turn around and make it small is beyond me...but who asks just the dog?)

Sunday, May 14, 2006

No Sleep for the Just

It's a dog's life. Last night I was happily sleeping away when who should appear, after midnight!, but SHE (She from whom all good things come). There were these strange fumes (I noticed cheese amongst of my favorite things, and chocolate but no treats appeared for me- unbelievable!) and SHE seemed very happy. SHE went on and on about these Stitchers and Bitchers that SHE's going to miss very much once our Alaskan Adventure begins. SHE talked about how it's so nice to make female friends, especially such an eclectic group as this one. A general theme of knitting gathered them together and now they can discuss anything, especially with an architect, librarian, nurse, environmental engineer, mom, international relationist, speech pathologist-to-be, entomologist and SHE's a teacher of the cute little ones. (Back before this blog began SHE brought me once to visit for a day...there were so many tasty little fingers to lick!)

Once a community begins (finally) everyone moves away. SHE says they are generally in their upper 20's and 30's and at least 5 are off on their own adventures this summer. At least we've discovered blogging and might just get to stay in touch! SHE says Zarzuela is likely to have a picture posted of this fun gathering soon (be sure to notice the food SHE didn't share). You can check it out through my new links...aren't I a smart dog!
HE (He from whom all good things come) never came home at all! SHE says he's off somewhere called Boston meeting with a frat buddy from his veterinarian days in Germany. SHE says HE's sure to be generating some good fumes of his own! SHE stayed here to keep me company so I could have the same food, the same walks, the same bed....ah life is good when you have well-trained humans!

Saturday, May 13, 2006


Well, according to my humans I'm homeless again. I don't quite get it however as I'm still eating the same three meals at the same time in the same place, food's the same, bed's the same, walk's the same. If this is 'homeless' I have to say I much prefer it this way than the time loose on the streets I experienced last time. There was one tense day, my humans had a 'closing', and suddenly came home all relaxed and happy. I got extra playtime and a great belly rub. Apparently, in this version of being homeless, we are renters....whatever. Did I mention the food's the same, the bed's the same, the walk's the is good:-)
I've heard that an eight week countdown to our real Alaskan adventure begins. I keep getting big smiles from my humans and they say "just you wait Suessikins, eight more weeks and you'll have a yard, a whole big house and we promise a buddy real soon!" The yard, the house all this sounds great...but a buddy?? Well, as long as the food's the same, the bed's the get my drift. And about the 'Suessikins', what can you do, it's usually accompanied by a treat and/or a belly rub so I just grin and bear it!
They made me look at these pictures of what will be our new place...I just want to know who that dog is.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Beginning....

A while ago I was abandoned on the cold streets of Manhattan. After languishing in the doggie jail, I was transported to the wilds of New Haven Connecticut. I had no idea what was going to happen to me. My new owners, first dragged me up and down Mount Moosilauk in New Hampshire. I was just a week with them and here I was in this scary wilderness.
I was so tired on the way down!!!

I settled in eventually for a contented two years...but now I sense changes in the air. Suddenly people were in and out of the house. One guy kept coming when no one was home but me. I tried my furrocious guard dog routine...but that never seems to work, and its just so hard not to wiggle when someone actually says hi to me. He gave me treats and let other strangers into the house. Now boxes are piling up everywhere and this new word 'Alaska' is heard every other sentence. My owner's even disappeared for a week, leaving me with a friend (I must say I didn't suffer...there was a Basset Hound to play with and treats anytime I tilted my head:-) I'm trying to be really, really good...I don't want to end out in the scary night alone again!