Suess's Alaskan Adventure

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rest of the pictures

Callie's "fun"
She ran off on an adventure one day and came home sporting a brand new bump by her tail. Turns out she managed to impale herself on the stick you see. It extended from her inner thigh through her abdomen and bumped up by her tail. It managed to miss all important innards and she recovered from emergency surgery just fine.

My 5 buddies.

You'll remember Grizzly, and the newest girl Maisie is to the right. Callie is standing up behind them (you can't see her bare spots, but they are there.) Addie is flat out enjoying the sun. Her work ethic had slowed with the summer sun and she's
packing on the pounds, enjoying her time off. HE and SHE took Callie, Maisie and Addie bikejoring the other day and realized a bit more training might be needed to keep Addie in shape. Callie, Maisie and Pence like to play and tend to keep active on their own.
I'm as always my svelte, perfect self. Training to pull a sled is overrated anyway!

HE's becoming quite the handyman - notice the work in progress with the first big window. And she's planning ahead for those dark winter days with a sunny color scheme.


Brrr...that last post looks cold! Guess its been a while and the next pictures might give a clue as to why.
SHE's been busy - took a couple classes this spring then decided to go back to school full time. Yeah if that means more vacation days at home with us. SHE's got lots of books and spends quite a bit of time readin' and 'ritin' but guess that's what you have to do if you want to be a certified teacher...or in her case certified-certified. This one will open doors in AK though.
HE's been getting his own certifications - passed his firefighter 1 so can officially enter burning buildings. (Why you ask...well so do we!) HE says its fun.
Spring arrived gradually, then as with all things in Alaska, boom, full summer is here! We just past the longest day. SHE was out til 1am walking a 10K race, yes, that's considered fun in AK too.
You'll see I've been working hard supervising garden planting. SHE expanded to twice the size this year, hope there's lots of carrots, I love those. And I've been keeping my eye on the strawberry plants too. Small and limited but oh so sweet, and I should know as I got the only ones last year...first come first serve;-)
You'll see what "fun" Callie was up to - there goes the rainy day fund for the time being.
They were a bit preoccupied when Addie had her fun night - no pictures of her with the porcupine quills poking out of her mouth.
I, of couse, have been behaving myself. Trying to keep the others in line, but as you'll see, they're a troublesome bunch.
Notice the work in progress behind Grizz and Maisie, he's building his first log structure and its for us!
Work's been going on in the house too. New windows to keep us warm this winter - and colors too. She's been busy with the paint brush.
Summer plans include Uncle HE, back to stay in a few weeks. And Grand HE and SHE and Uncle #2 will follow soon too. They'll be 'thrilled' to meet the new guys - but I'm sure I'll forever be the favorite!
Hope all of you are enjoying your summer naps in the sun too:-)