Suess's Alaskan Adventure

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Salmon Dip-Netting

Blueberry Picking

The Team

Monday, January 14, 2008

Sun came up...sun went down

So no has been awhile. You'll note the last post was as the sun was on the way sitting inside or in front of a computer (other than the forced situations SHE faces at work) was unthinkable. We were on the down side of daylight for a long time and still no post, but there was the garden, the salmon, the in-laws, the house....and the fall flew by. The household became busy...takes time and energy to keep all us mutts occupied. The last post mentioned some fun with the new girls...well, they are settled it and no longer count as the new girls...because the New new girl has that designation - yep we're up to 5. And as you can tell...having fun. I let them hitch me in, but in all honesty its not my cup of tea. Manhattan to Alaska...fine. Trolling the parks to pulling at sled at -10...not so much. I'll tag along...running loose, and pulling a skijorer's not so bad. Just keep it a couple miles or under and we'll all be happy.
SHE'll throw a couple pictures of the summer in...but don't be fooled. The picture with the snow is where we're at. We're already gaining minutes a day of light - at 5 glorious hours and increasing. Hit -40 today, first time this winter but suppossedly its warming up tomorrow. This weekend snowshoeing at -20 was fine and dandy...but we're still not so fond of temps lower than that:-)
Hope you all had a great holiday season - we had some extra salmon heads and eggs, yum! Happy New year!
From She, He, Suess, Grizzly, Addie, Pence and Callie