Suess's Alaskan Adventure

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rest of the pictures

Callie's "fun"
She ran off on an adventure one day and came home sporting a brand new bump by her tail. Turns out she managed to impale herself on the stick you see. It extended from her inner thigh through her abdomen and bumped up by her tail. It managed to miss all important innards and she recovered from emergency surgery just fine.

My 5 buddies.

You'll remember Grizzly, and the newest girl Maisie is to the right. Callie is standing up behind them (you can't see her bare spots, but they are there.) Addie is flat out enjoying the sun. Her work ethic had slowed with the summer sun and she's
packing on the pounds, enjoying her time off. HE and SHE took Callie, Maisie and Addie bikejoring the other day and realized a bit more training might be needed to keep Addie in shape. Callie, Maisie and Pence like to play and tend to keep active on their own.
I'm as always my svelte, perfect self. Training to pull a sled is overrated anyway!

HE's becoming quite the handyman - notice the work in progress with the first big window. And she's planning ahead for those dark winter days with a sunny color scheme.


  • Very fun perspective on your blog! My daughter will love it!

    Oh, the stick must have really hurt!!!! Yikes!

    By Blogger Diane Kardash, at 1:29 PM  

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