Suess's Alaskan Adventure

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Yep...we were a family of ten for what....2 days? Then there was the Chicken Massacre of '07. No, SHE won't post pictures of that...SHE and HE were not very happy with us. Put it down to bad influence of the Newbies. SHE says its sad on one hand, on the other, what do you expect...doesn't every new Alaskan have to live through a Chicken Massacre at least once in their time in AK?
Well, the girls are still kind of cute...they just might stay. Punishment...spaying for both shortly thereafter.

Monday, April 09, 2007

March entertainment in Fairbanks con't

(we've been having trouble uploading images...which is why there was quite a hiatus since the last post...since the test one worked, here's a couple more. And what? Don't all normal people play croquet on frozen rivers in the spring?!? And yes, the bright yellow stuff is sunlight...its back!
SHE was busy with a couple little projects this month too. This time a boy is expected so she tried out some new yarn with this pattern. These guys won't felt like the pink baby booties...but they're still darn cute.
SHE spent a week in Seattle, but no pictures from there. SHE left the camera because HE was taking us on a skijoring HE forgot it, sorry, no pictures from that but we had a great time skijoring 7 miles to a cabin, hanging out with a pack of dogs running loose, and skijoring home.
They didn't take us this past weekend, but SHE ushered in her birthday and easter in this location...not a bad start to a new life year! They said they really missed they had to pack their own bags, 6 miles in to the beautiful camping spot and back out again! Next time they promise to take us...but will insist we pull a sled:-)
Life in Alaska...the deep, dark winter is over and the spring so far is gorgeous so once again something redeeming has been found!

March entertainment in Fairbanks

Nope, they haven't hooked us up yet...but HE keeps making noises about more dogs. Not too sure yet if we want to share....