Suess's Alaskan Adventure

Sunday, June 25, 2006


SHE said alot of goodbyes her last day at school. To stop being a teacher is hard, but to start a new chapter is exciting. Too think too much is just scary so...SHE started stuffing more things in boxes. I made sure to stay right near her. I don't want to be forgotten and company right now is sure to be appreciated! Saturday, we had a BBQ. It was gray and foggy, and pouring off and on. Nothing like the smell of a wet dog:-) Luckily, the shelter at East Rock was available...not too many other hardy souls out so we had it almost all to ourselves! There was a mix of the german group, He's lab group, and SHE's knitting friends. There were alot of sausages and favorite foods. Lucky for me later in the day some lovely things appeared in my doggy bowl. I had fun scavenging around the grill areas too. HE and SHE had a great time visiting, knowing they were saying goodbye to some for good was a bit melancholy, but good to know that we have friends in so many places and good memories too. I know I'll always find treats around the world. When we made it home I was so tired I passed out on the floor. HE soon joined me and SHE took the couch. Sunday, more gray weather. Good for long naps and SHE found even more things to stuff in boxes. I have vague memories of one use for newspaper from when I was a puppy but SHE's using it in mass quantities now.
SHE said goodbye to fellow SnB'ers too. SHE said there are alot heading on their way and SHE wishes them the best of luck. Some SHE knows SHE'll see at least once more. 'Nomad' and Zarzuela are well on their way. Thank goodness I started this blog for SHE to keep in touch!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Spiffy clean pup

SHE and HE took time out of their busy packing schedule to go for a short hike with me this morning. The Branford Supply Ponds are great, especially after a bit of rain that leaves mud. It feels so good squishing between my toes! After I generally get hosed down. With temps in the 90's I can't complain too much today. Especially as I was left in peace to doze and dry on the porch afterwards. I was only disturbed for a bit when SHE noticed a nice photo-op. Too bad 5 minutes before SHE sent off 25 images to be printed for free from Snapfish. Oh well, hard copies of these beauties will have to wait for another day. Conversation overheard on the hike continued to include reference to this 'Alaska' thing. That and shopping. Seemed to be very important to decide whether a spade or shovel was the most needed item. Or what the difference between the two might be? They also seemed to think a vacuum is important (what me shed??), rug cleaning, a wheelbarrow and ladders. SHE also seems very excited about a couch...wonder if that has anything to do with the cheering I heard when the condo buyer agreed to keep the futon! As it's father's day, a big sloppy kiss to all those HE-Dad's out there! SHE called grand-HE yesterday...a bit of date mix up. Better early than late right?!?

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Vermont trip

Last weekend I was placed in the back seat of the adventure! We drove for 5 hours visiting my favorite rest areas on the way, as it turns out, to see Grand-HE and Grand-SHE. They have a lovely place...squeaky little animals that scurry into bushes, a lake, a porch with little houses where birds try to land (I, of course, chase them off as any good guard dog should). There's lots of room to run off leash, unlimited sniffing and marking options and a big old garage to hang out in. Sometimes I even get to visit in the kitchen, but not this time. They said it was warm enough to stay in the garage...too bad I couldn't play outside much though, it rained the whole time! Lot's of people came though, so I had much to do greeting and barking a warning on occasion.
There's a picture that will hopefully be coming soon...if SHE can ever relocate that special little cord SHE was madly running around the house looking for. SHE even looked sideways at me, but I promise I didn't eat it! It shows all the interesting things I could sniff in the garage and one guy (little brother of SHE) who says he's going to be my first guest in this new place called 'Alaska'. He's welcome because every time he looks at me he hands me a treat because I'm just so darn cute. That strange contraption in the background is suppossedly how he's going to get there...I wonder if one of those side boxes is for me?!? I heard a lot of 'He's crazy' and 'Try to talk him out of it', but I figure he's 'Little Brother' and aren't they suppossed to be crazy and have adventures...especially as it coincided with a lot of 'Congratulations on your graduation'.