Suess's Alaskan Adventure

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Who Me?

So, some of you may have noticed that its been a little longer...(well okay, so we try to post each week, and we have been known to go a couple weeks between posts...but this time there were extenuating circumstance) ie. Grizzly ate the internet connection!
Yes, its true. They are rather certain anyway that it was Grizzly afterall couldn't be me, I'm such a well behaved dog. Anyway, I've noticed our freedom in the dog room has gradually been curtailed, usually after finding SHE in a not very good mood upon arriving home. SHE gets so upset about little things, like dog beds being outside, or anything left in the yard being rearranged to a much more interesting location. Or I have to admit, maybe spreading white feathers around the yard wasn't the best idea we ever had, as SHE thought for a minute we had somehow gotten hold of one of the new chickens. But what's a dog (or two) to do when left home alone all day? Grizzly had the bright idea of getting into a rubbermaid container that was left near our pen. He wiggled the pen aside then peeked inside, low and behold finding all these neat feathers in plastic bags...very strange, so we had to investigate, hence white feathers all over the lawn. This was before the snow returned of course, for maximum effect. Incidently, HE says we can stay since we didn't also eat the waders that were also in the box containing HIS fly-fishing stuff:-)
So, the pen in the dog room was reinforced, allowing us to continue to relieve ourselves as needed, but strictly reducing the amount of exploring (or chewing on workbench legs) that we were previously able to do. But....they forgot one little detail...and Grizzly didn't overlook it. The router for the internet was sitting about 4 feet up on the window sill. With nothing else for entertainment he decided to pull it on over and munch on the antennae and cord which extended into the wall.
So here's our post a wee bit late this time around. Lucky for him, he didn't eat the whole router, and after a nice visit from a kind man, and relocation of the fun box to the highest shelf in the room with cords all nicely tucked away, we are back up and running!
I had excitement of my own, a visit to a vet, with lots of treats along the way. They came home and finally noticed my poor little dew claw jutting out at a strange angle. Must have been Grizzly's fault again:-) Anway, a snip and clip and I was good to go, a little sore and a couple days going to work with SHE to prevent play and I'm feeling much better.
THEY hope we've gotten whatever it is out of our system because we're apparently having a dog-sitter for a week. We'll see how that goes!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

My hero!

She's got to be my hero! SHE shoots. Notice that lovely cluster of shots just outside the white circle, in the lower right. You'll notice 5 shots (all within a 3 inch radius I might add) clustered beautifully. SHE passed her hunting safety class with flying colors. After briefly thinking, we must admit, that SHE had failed horribly. Her understanding was that SHE had to get the shots clustered in the white area....after missing the first two SHE figured SHE was out of luck and the instructor was just humoring the 'little lady' by telling her SHE had done well! SHE's not sure how much SHE'll like actual hunting, afterall SHE wasn't in favor of it for years-giving GRAND-HE and Uncles grief for years killing those poor, defenseless animals. But now, SHE's a little more up on wildlife management, and if they could 'harvest' that lovely moose that they practically farm in their backyard, a full freezer of meat wouldn't be all that bad. SHE figures her hunting instinct would need lots of work though, as when they were doing the field test (think cowboys with fake guns) SHE was admiring the cranberries:-) Must say, HE passed too, so maybe HE can be the hunter and SHE'll stick with gatherer role.

SHE bakes (what would HE do without her famous Gry's sourdough ryebread, yes beer is involved...HE's german afterall...what would they do with the abundance of fresh eggs that those chickens put out...almost 2-3 a day...without baking for numerous Alaskan potlucks, an all dessert potluck tomorrow so she's getting ready to whip up some tea scones...maybe even three varieties - chocolate chip, Alaskan blueberry and lowbush cranberry - the last two of which SHE gathered. HE'll whip up his yummy spaetzl for Monday's potluck using 6 more of those abundant eggs)

SHE knits (yes, this blog did start thanks to inspiration from her knitting friends, but SHE's a little slow with her progress...besides everyone likes hearing things from my perspective anyway. Her current project to get those fingers limbered up again are scarves knit for a friend whose children will sell them as a fundraiser to help out their dance program. SHE's thrilled to get the chance to try out working with recycled sari silk and help those 'twinkle toes' out.

and SHE hikes.
Which is of course our favorite. They set out with us to finally visit Ester dome...the peak to the right of 'HE' and 'SHE' out our front porch view. The peak with all the radio towers on it. (not sure if my SHE mentioned their nicknames for the hillside out our'll just have to look at previous pictures to see if you can tell why it's earned these nicknames:-) They're a wee bit naked at the moment...that snow did melt and no warm blanket to cover them just yet!

SHE's just an all around amazing woman wouldn't you say:-)

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Well, the snow melted. Rather luckily I guess as it has been known to come very early in September and stay until May. A week of temperatures reaching into the 50's banished it though. Even at our high elevation. SHE never did manage to put the winter tires on the car in her last Auto maintenance have to be on the ball here to get it done. SHE tried to bring it to a place close to her work, but calling at 8:00 found them refusing to take any more for the day as they already had 15 dropped off! Her best bet is to get an early start on Monday, dropping it off around 7:30 might mean it gets fit in. Monday will be a long day as SHE and HE have their hunter safety class...6-10 gasp! Two days in a row... (they won't let us hunt chickens, but apparently they can go get other stuff) They've been doing homework today, mixed in with raking, wood splitting and HE spent time getting nice and dirty up in the attic. SHE's not sure about this hunter safety thing...all she wanted was a bit of advice on outdoor safety, maybe using a gun etc. But it seems pretty into learning the difference between types of bullets and guns (yawn). Maybe SHE won't turn into the mighty hunter HE was hoping for:-)