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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mushing Adventures

Trips at -20 require a bit more heavy duty dress, both for the dogs and the mushers. We ran out along Standard Creek and came to the Dunbar Trail from our side.

The Tolovana trip was much warmer, at least +20 if not higher at times. No need for coats for dogs, or even for mushers at times!

What absolutely amazing land we get to travel. I'm still not so sure it's my favorite thing in the world, but if all trips could be like Tolovana I could probably grow to like it much much more as I didn't freeze my paws off! We traveled 11 miles into the cabin where HE and SHE got to enjoy the hotsprings, wish they would have let me jump in. Silly rules, no dogs allowed. They would share some pictures of the springs, but they're a little more self-conscious about flashing skin online. People and their silly hangups.
On the second day they hooked us up and headed out to find the Dunbar trail. A trail that if we followed it 75 miles would bring us back adventure for another day!


  • Wow, you've all been so busy since I've been gone! Happy Spring! :) Ben and Ivy send their regards.

    By Blogger Sneaksleep, at 1:57 PM  

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