Suess's Alaskan Adventure

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Learning new tricks....

So Pence has proved she's familiar with beds the one time she sneaked into the house and was found curled up...muddy toes and all on the bed. Addie, shows her dexterity with high places by bounding up unto the workbench the minute your back is turned and was noticed happily keeping an eye on things from the top of the chest I figured it would be okay to get into the act too. Looking at things from on high isn't such a bad thing. Wonder if HE and SHE will feel the same about the couch?!?
Drugs are goooood. Tooth extraction...well not so much. SHE noticed I was licking my chops alot, and after looking found what I had been trying to tell inner lip was a bit raw from a sharp edged broken tooth. A trip to the vet later and I'm feeling gooooood.

What...we like to canoe too!

More strange Alaskan adaptations to normal sports:-)

Well, after all they are arctic researchers...well versed in the capabilities of ice