Suess's Alaskan Adventure

Saturday, February 10, 2007

New friends and odd eggs...

No, SHE hasn't caved. These guys aren't permanent additions this time around. The big blonde will be staying for 10 days. HE and SHE are packing bags....and hope they have a house to return too, when they get back. The big guy packs lots of energy and paired with our not inconsiderable enjoyment of play it's likely to be a lively household:-)

The chickens seem to be protesting the imminent mini-eggs. As it turns out it was extremely healthy...yolkless!

As a warm up to sharing, the old black dog is staying for a long weekend. He's a bit chubby and lazy, so he hasn't riled us up too much. We figure we'll return him a couple pounds lighter though.

The weather has been consistently warm...we've seemed to have traded temps with the mid-west and east coast. We're staying above zero almost entirely...and warmer in the hills of course. Pleasant teens - SHE's even been walking at lunch without long underwear---whooohooo.

So, ya know how you see these tracks along the side of the road in the winter (especially in snowy areas)? And the thought runs through your head 'damn drunks', or 'fast driver'.

Snort, wouldn't happen to me, well......these ones happen to be about 1/4 mile from our house, and all I can say is glad it came before the truck sign! As it turned out, the truck was out with minimal difficulty thanks to SHE's shoveling skills, tow rope and a couple good samaritans. Oh, and by the way...SHE didn't put it there:-)