Suess's Alaskan Adventure

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Happy Holidays!

Pre-Christmas preparation...make yourself comfortable any way you can!

Ohh, what's in those boxes? Some things smell very interesting:-) We helped HE find this tree on our land. It only took two attempts, the first one surprised us by loosing all its needles on the uphaul. The second attempt, as you can see, made it up the hill and in the house just fine. And yes, it might not look exactly like those trees back east, but everyone and everything has to be a little twisted to survive up here!

We got a few of our favorite things...I have a lovely fuzzy squeaky. My favorite, and one thing I am completely unwilling to share with my new buddy. He, on the other hand, loves to chew (as you may have noticed from previous stories) and this time he has sanctioned things to chew on. He loves his new toothbrush and ate his bone in a quarter of the time it took me to finish mine:-)

We too need to burn off some of those holiday pounds. Here we are with our booties (must say not our favorite things) but somewhat helpful for our little pads. We wear these and a harness and HE and SHE hook on behind with their skis and then expect us to pull them. We've decided (for their own good) that we should only pull a little and make sure they get their holiday pounds off too.

Christmas was spent with lots of our new friends. We missed family of course but were happy to have had the chance to send and receive Holiday Greetings. We hope you enjoyed your holiday celebrations as well and wonderful wishes for the new year!